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Used Furniture Buyers Abu Dhabi

used sofa buyers

Living Room Furniture

We buy and sell secondhand living room furniture. Including sofa sets, dinning room furniture. If you have a couch in good condition and you want to make some money on old one give us a call and we will pay and take away your used sofa in no time.

used furniture for sale

Bedroom Furniture Buyers

Need an upgrade your bedroom and don't know what to do with the old bedroom furniture? Don't worry we will offer your best price if your bedroom furniture is in the good condition. We make your life easier and will take away your old furniture in a snap.

sell used refrigerators and freezers

Home Appliances Buyers

At Welcome Used Furniture we buy secondhand furniture home appliances. The better condition your item is the better price we will offer. If you are selling your old Refrigerator, freezer, blender, Tv, Hover, Burner, Cooking Range, Washing Machine, Home theater then we are the best used appliances buyers in Abu Dhabi

Used Dinning Table Buyers in Abu Dahbi

These dining tables are extremely expensive. Many people are looking for the cheapest dining table. Many people choose us. Because we have extremely reasonable prices. We are second-hand furniture dealers in Abu Dhabi. We are constantly on the lookout to purchase top-quality furniture and appliances.

Used Furniture Stores
sell used refrigerators and freezers

Used Home Appliances Buyers in Abu Dhabi

We are Abu Dhabi’s home appliance buyers. We are seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge in this area. We all know exactly how to deal with customers. We are delighted to be able offer advanced services to you.

We buy used TVs, used appliances like washing machines, water dispensers and LED TVs.

Abu Dhabi is a great place to buy household items. Please contact us if your family would like to purchase used appliances.

Used Furniture Mussafah Abu Dhabi

Welcome Used Furniture Mussafah has second hand furniture . We ensure that you receive the finest quality used furniture. Used Furniture doesn’t mean wear and tear in fact it means best furniture at affordable price. 

Visiting Used Furniture Market Musssfah Abu Dhabi is a fun fact that you can literally get any type of furniture whether it’s used bedroom set or a used sofa set or even a used fridge you name it we have it. We offer a variety of sizes and designs used Furniture.

We sell a wide range of sofas. We offer the ottoman, which can be used as a coffee or side table. Ottoman furniture is a well popular in Emirates because of it’s beauty and elegance.

You don’t need to spend so much money on it. Just call us, and we will recommend the best ottoman. And if you prefer it with storage, we can also help.

You can also purchase a sofa bed from us, which is also included in our second hand furniture Mussafah. It is very comfortable to put on our.

Multifunctional sofas are great for apartments. You can watch your favorite movies while you sleep, and also enjoy the comfort of the sofa. We

There are many color options that you have to choose from, and you can even pick the color that best suits your home.

It is our main goal to save the earth and if you are throwing away your furniture and appliances it hurts our earth. So It is better to reuse the things by giving away or selling them so we can play our part in the goodness.


Buy and Sell Used Furniture Abu Dhabi

Welcome Used Furniture Buyers is an environmental-friendly business that was established to benefit the community. The company’s mission is to prevent reused items from going to waste and to re-use them for the benefit of those in need. They offer high-quality second-hand furniture and household products at affordable prices.

How it Works

Selling your Furniture and Appliances is very easy and straight forward

  • Contact us via Call , Email or the best of the World’s App WhatsApp
  • Send Unedited original Photos of furniture or appliances from every angle 
  • Mention any wear and tear or scratches your furniture has
  • Get best price for your furniture

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